For eight generations we have handcrafted wool, cotton, linen and hemp for the home. Our fabrics have inside them a piece of ourselves and of our land. Tuscany

The headquarters of the company are in a five hundred years palazzo , which reminds us of the times when wool was laid to dry, in spring, on the top of the covered porches while in the basement weaving machines kept on rattling.

Nowadays, we are still processing rustic wool from the Appennines , Nothern Umbria and Casentino.

Shearing took place in spring by “tosini” sheep shearers, that for a long time used sheers, which have been used since Roman times. The work was carried out in the “vergherie” barns where shepherds gathered flocks, or in sheep pens. The shorn fleece was carefully worked until it became the perfect wool to be woven, warm and resistant. This is the reason why the woven cloth from Casentino has since middle age been, the fabric used for the cassocks of San Romualdo Camaldolese monks.

Busatti produced woven wool for the cassocks till soon after WWII. Nowadays we produce it once again in natural linen fiber, called Antico Casentino which has renewed this centuries old tradition.

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